Raviniska's Reflective Star-Gate Time Travel

Raviniska's Time Oracle

Raviniska visited me very early this morning.  She has the most mysterious ways of appearing to me, sometimes.  She only comes unexpectedly when something important has happened, or when she is particularly excited about an item.  This morning, as my alarm was going off and I reached over to snooze it.  When I did, I heard somebody clear their throat. Assuming it was my sister I asked her what she wanted.  The response wasn't my sisters, rather it was Raviniska telling me that I should really get up before I'm late for work.  I pulled myself out of bed, completed my morning routine and then proceeded to drive to the office.  Raviniska rode with me and filled me in. 

During the trip to work, she pulled out these two pocket mirrors.  She flashes them at me and then tells me that over the weekend she was traveling along the cosmological planes.  She made a few stops at the spiritually energetic epicenters of the galaxy, one of these being the Antares Star, the heart of Scorpion.  She also visited Orion's belt to pull power from it as with the Autumnal Equinox the stars were recently completely recharged.  As if this wouldn't be exciting enough for any mortal being, she begins to elaborate on the exciting part of her trip. 

She said that she decided to take a visit along the outskirts of the Milky Way, upon which she ended up in a section of o the galaxy that is scientifically known as Messier 107.  Messier 107 is a Star Cluster that contains 150 globular star clusters, which are known to hold an immense amount of energy.  This is probably because these globular clusters contain the light and energy of of hundreds of thousands of individual stars.  As she describes it, the Star-Way Corridor contains a solar plexus of white light energy.  As if she wasn't lucky enough to be able to walk among the corridor, while she was there a natural star-storm broke out and she was able to experience the immense energy of it all!  Additionally, she was able to trap the reflection of the star storm in these two pocket mirrors!  Now, the mirrors aren't from space, of course.  Raviniska always travels with items just in case she has a need for them in such an instance as this one.  They are, however, antique looking glasses.  They're actually really cool without the energy that was collected by Raviniska during the star storm.  Imagine how much greater they are now!

During the storm, Ravniska was able to catch the refection of the energies that were emitted from the storm.  The ancient energies were permanently placed into pocket mirrors, which have collected the plexus of white light solar energy overload that took place during the Solar-Storm Raviniska bore witness to.  To use the powers in these pieces, merely gaze into them like you would any mirror.  You can look at yourself if you want to, or you can zone and concentrate on the energies of the piece.  Either way, after a while you will notice the energies from the mirror begin to open up and recreate a star gate from the reflection of the star-storm caught by Ravniska.

Your reflection, which is basically your spiritual self, will be allowed to slip through the wrinkle in time.  You will be able to travel along the star gate into a cosmological hall of records.  You will then be able to holographically deliver yourself to any point in time that you wish to visit. There are no restriction on this piece.  It is free-from energy and free-form chronological traveling.  You can appear and reappear to any point in time, as the energy in this piece will NEVER diminish.  Once the reflection was caught, this mirror has been empowered forever. 

This piece can also be used as a meditative piece.  Lying down, you can place this piece, mirror side down, on top of your third eye.  Divine white-light star energy will begin to flow through your body.  You will be placed into a deep, DEEP meditated state.  You will be filled with a cosmological energy that will allow you walk among the constellations as Raviniska does.  You will be able to obtain all the powers and energies of the cosmic life force.  You will learn all the secrets that were given to ancients-- the Atlanteans, Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, the Orients and many other enchanted ancients! 

This is a very exciting opportunity, especially since the power has been fortified and will never need to be recharged.  We have two of these items.  They are similar, antique pocket mirrors, both of which do the same thing.  They are both pictured on the listing.  Once these two are gone, it is hard to say whether or not we will ever have another one. Star storms are rare, and the fact that Raviniska was able to capture the reflective energies of this one are even rarer-- but she's a very powerful entity!  If you are interested, do NOT delay!    


Raviniska's Reflective Star-Gate Time Travel
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