Raviniska's Wealth in the Creator

Raviniska's Weatlh in the Creator

This morning when Raviniska showed up at my house, she also gave me this piece.  She was equally excited about this item as the others she gave me.  The piece, she said, is the result of a recent meeting between herself and her creator.  As you all know the Sphinx is a very powerful, powerful wealth of energy.  It is, in fact, the birthing place of Raviniska.  She was born of the Sphinx's paw, from the powers that are held within.  The paw of the sphinx is often thought of as being the helping hand, the bridge into the other worlds and planes of existence.  They reach out for more knowledge and in a gesture to ascertain that there is more to life that we, as the human race, really understand. 

The Egyptian Sphinx, the Bucegi Sphinx, Mayan Sphinxes, and all other sphinxes were built by a paradigm that was given to Pharaoh Khafra during the Old Kingdom.  The paradigm is a duplication and holds a direct correlation with the Great Crystal Sphinx that is in the center of the Seven Mansions in the Kindgom of heaven.  The paradigm was given to the Pharaoh by Nephilim, who are the sons of God and daughters of men.  Basically fallen angels slept with mortal daughters, who bore a special race of beings that were half angel and half man.  Thus, these men knew all of the secrets that were passed down to them via their angelic fathers.  God decided to destroy the Nephilim in a massive flood. However, a few survived.  It was only a few, but it was those few who made all the difference.  They are the ones that gave the secrets of the Sphinx of mankind and they are often thought to have had something to do with the Great Pyramids as well. 

Here is where I add it all together to equal the sum of power that you will be getting in this piece.  In the paw of the Sphinx was stored a secret, free-flowing energy wealth form.  It contains all the riches of Heavens. These riches are referred to countless times in the Bible.  Modern day biblical scholars say that these "riches" denote a different type of spiritual life and eternal well-being.  In some cases this is the truth.  However, it is not the only truth.  Heaven is the most beautiful and prominent place of existence.  Thus, it is the most wealthy place of existence, as well.  There are streets of gold with walls that have been encrusted with jewels.  There is a crystal pyramid and a great crystal sphinx with eyes that cry great diamonds of truth.  The glory, wealth, and splendor have been referred to by nearly every prophet that has every spoken about the Kingdom of God.  Heaven might be a spiritually rich place, but believe when I tell you-- it is just as equally wealthy!! 

You could take my word for it; or you could obtain this item.  This item has been made during a ritual that was held during a meeting between Raviniska and her creator.  It conjures and incarnates the pure wealth of Heaven.  It will resurrect your own form of golden streets as the energy will be incorporated into your own life.  It will attract extreme wealth and abundant success for you.  It will literally transform your life as you watch the means of necessary things and all your desires materialize right in front your eyes! You will astonished at how quickly your loose ends will be tied and your ends come together and meet! 

Additionally, you will be able to use this piece to store up riches in Heaven.  In the Bible this is also referenced.  All mortal things come to pass eventually.  This piece is a surefire way to make sure that while you will achieve contentment here on Earth, that you are also storing up riches for the afterlife.  Contrary to popular belief, there are different levels of existence in Heaven.  This piece will solidify a positioning for your afterlife that will be on the same level as the archangels and all of God's closest Hosts.  You will be as powerful as the archangel Michael or the Thrones that are constantly in the presence of the Almighty God!  You can thank Raviniska and her immense power for this item!! 


Raviniska's Wealth in the Creator
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