Re-connect with the Deceased

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Stella Boyer died in 1995. Depressed and tired after caring for her dying mother, she drank a morphine and beer cocktail. As Stella's husband Tom dialed 9-1-1, she saw a bright light, and went toward it.

For Stella, dying changed her life.

"I was at a very bad place, taking care of my father after a very long illness," she said. "He died in January. Mom got very sick. I was devastated. I was very, very close to my parents."

During the illness, Stella moved in with her mother, administering morphine every two hours.

"She begged me and my husband to kill her," Stella said. "I couldn't. Mom was terrified to die alone and I promised her I would be with her. I held her for two days. I hugged and kissed her telling her I was there and not to be afraid."

Stella kept her promise.

"Mom died in my arms, but hours before she died she told me her only regret was leaving me behind."

Hours later, Stella's mother died.

"My mother died in my arms while I was telling her to go to the light," Stella said. "I saw a brightness above the bed in the ceiling."

Stella's brother came to help with the funeral arrangements, but Stella wasn't well.

"At the funeral home I just screamed and passed out when the casket closed," she said. "I wanted to climb into that casket with Mom and go with her."

Then she passed out at the grave site as well.

"The doctors said I needed rest desperately," she said. "So to bed I went, but I would wake up every two hours, and then I would cry."

Soon after, Stella started smelling her mother's perfume.

"The perfume would always come when I sat on Mom's rocker and cried over my loss," she said. "When I talked to her about how I just can't go on anymore, Mom would always come back. Mike, Stella's husband, got more and more upset with her presence and Mom's perfume permeating our home. One night Mike told me to either die with Mom or move on with my life.

"I unfortunately took Mike literally to die with Mom."

So she did. She spoke to her mother as she smoked a cigarette and slowly drank the beer and morphine concoction.

"Sometime later, Mike came downstairs and found me dead," Stella said. "I did see people working on me. I couldn't understand why they were so upset because it was beautiful where I was and I continued through the light."

In the light, Stella saw her parents and grandparents.

"I felt I was home, at last," she said. "But then they told me I had to go back; but I wanted to stay there."

Then Stella's family said why it was OK to go home.

"They told me they hear us when we talk to them," Stella said. "My mother said they are only on the 'other side of the street,' walking beside us and watching over us. Then I was back in my body."

When Stella awoke in a state of trauma she could not forget what just happened to her. She now smelled the scent of her mother's perfume more than ever, when she sat up she realized she had a necklace on. She was wearing the pendant that her mother was buried in!

This confirmed her encounter with her family in the afterlife, but it showcased that she is not alone and can move on with the support of her loved ones surrounding her.

She soon learned that the pendant enlightened her to visit her family, without again harming her life. The prospect of need to spend time with those who you love allowed the access in the energy of this piece.

We learned of this experience back in 2006; Deedee wanted to meet Stella and see the pendant that she held so dear.

The meeting occurred in 2009, after a clash of schedules for a long time --- the meeting was worth the wait! The pendant held an astonishing amount of power. Deedee asked to use the piece and she was allowed to, so she took a nap in Stella's family room as resting the mind allows the activation.

Deedee awoke with amazement; she was so happy and could not stop talking about her experience. She was able to see her grand parents and two great friends who passed away a few years back.

The ability to know that your loved ones are happy and resting in peace is exceptional ~ Deedee asked Stella if we could try to convey the power upon other pieces; she was weary at first, but eventually agreed to allow the conjuring.

The anomaly of the experience and the energies allowed the piece to invoke 2 items, one Deedee kept for her personal collection and the other is now available to you!

You will be filled by the power from the other side that will allow your spirit to visit the world of the afterlife. We are not sure if this is Heaven, but you will be integrated with the opportunity to see those who have passed that you miss.

This is a divine piece with healing interaction!

The bracelet glistens when light hits it --- this strengthens the pull of the interaction between you and the spirits.
Re-connect with the Deceased
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