Realm Relevance

Realm Relevance
There are some things that simply hit close to home and I share them with my wonderful customers with a  sincere hope that it will help them to better their lives in some form or another.  The piece that I am offering you here is a piece that fits that description to a tee.  It is a piece that I have guided and helped progress and now I am offering it you guys.  It will help your life progress, regardless the circumstances or your walk in life. 
I received this piece from a dear friend of mine, whose life it helped spark change.  He knows about the business I'm in and also legitimately wanted to help those that are in need of help.  It has made a positive change in his life, and he wants to be giving with this ability, so I am actually offering the piece on behalf of my dear friend.
You see, a while back Pete got into some trouble with a bad, bad group of people.  He developed a habit that neither one of us caught in time to deal with appropriately.  Personally, it seemed to me like Pete was just going through a rough patch, because sometimes this happens to the best of people.  Unfortunately, what I did not know is that thanks to his new association with a group of new friends, Pete had begun using methamphetamine, which caused his downfall, break up of a three year relationship, loss of his job, and withdrawal from his friends, family and the world.  
Things hit an all time low when I got a call that my friend Pete was in the hospital from an overdose.  It actually hit me like a sack of bricks, because neither Pete's family or I had any clue that he had picked up this horrible habit.  Anyway, it was a very emotional week until Pete finally stabilized enough to hold a decent conversation.  Then, it was off to rehab.  Rehab was difficult for Pete, but he picked himself up, put himself together, and made it through. 
Currently, Pete works for a Fortune 500 company in Philadelphia, where he goes to Temple to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Business Finance, not that he needs it.  He always had a way with numbers.  He is driving a brand new car, lives in a upscale studio apartment in Center City, and rekindled his romance with his lost love.  
I am proud of Pete for being able to do what he has done.  It was not until recently, however, that I fully understood the situation to the fullest.  He shared with me that while he overdosed, he was taken to a place.  He didn't know what the place was, only described it as a room with lots and lots of light.  The light was comforting and faces were familiar, as if he had known these people in some form of prior existence.  He felt lost, but entirely at ease.  He wasn't prepared for what he saw next, though.  
He was wondering through the room, when somebody began calling him by an unfamiliar name, but one that he somehow recognized as his own.  It was a relative of his whom he had never seen before, a past great great grandmother or something, but somehow they shared a common connection.  The woman told Pete that, “it wasn't his time, he was cheated, and that 'The Boss' ordered her to send him home with this.”  The this part of the conversation is the piece that you see here.  
This piece holds an original power from the afterlife that when put into our human realm, will react with your soul and enlighten your mind, influencing you to do what is right.  It will take hold of your life, bringing to you and overabundance of wealth and success.  You will achieve your innermost goals and desires that nobody knows but you.  This piece will bring you luck in all aspect of your life.  It will increase your networking capabilities and render your personality extremely desirable.  Opportunities will abound for you, if you only knock on the door.  This piece is very spiritually influence and will help you balance your life appropriately.  You will receive this piece that was received by Pete from the afterlife and brought back to our realm.  The powers that it will work for you are totally up to you and will essentially give you the ability to control your own destiny.  The piece you will get is the one you see here. 
Realm Relevance
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