Realm of All

This piece is one that comes from the Temple of All.  The Temple of All is a realm of Heaven in which God has commissioned his own angels to make sacred items to disperse to humans who deserve them.  Deedee received this piece in a vision that she had about a week ago.  During the visions, an angel came to her and showed her visions of the End Times, just as Saint John was shown these things for the purposes of writing the Book of Revelations.  The angel told Deedee that she had no need to fear because she was already under the full protection of God.  However, there are those who are not.  That is where her responsibility has come in.  
The Angel told us that we were supposed to list this piece up for sale a a good price so that way those who wanted it could get it.  They understand that we have to make our money too, but that is why this piece is so low priced.  A piece like this would normally go for much more than what we are listing it, especially given the fact that this piece comes from the Realm of All, which is entitled such because it encompasses all of of God's powers-- not just some, not just a few, but all.  Anyhow, Deedee was taken to the Realm of All, where she was given this piece.  She was also give the options to stay for eternity or leave.  Since she still has unfinished business on Earth, she chose to stay.  Now, all she has yet to do is share this piece.  
This piece grants pure, white light, divine protection.  When you wear this piece it will be as though the hands of God have come down from Heaven and wrapped themselves firmly around you.  You will be safe from all dark and negativity energies and entities.  Nothing dark will ever assail you.  When the time comes for the rapture, you will taken up in the first resurrections, where you will by behind Christ, by the right hand of God.  This is how powerful this piece has been created, but again we wanted to make sure that everybody could afford it, so we are offering this piece as a sale item!  
Realm of All
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