Releasing Akashic Fields

Akashic Code

Behind the complex world of nature and the very state of existence there exists a basic code.  It is a universal information field known as the Akashic Field.  It encompasses all things that exist and without the energy release from the Akashic Field, existence wouldn't even be possible.  It is the very spiritual element of existence of everything.  This energetic field is what defines how everything will be physically manifested. 

The Akashic Code directs the physical development and behavior of all that was, is, and will ever be.  It directs not only physical behavior, but also controls mental and spiritual flow.  It serves as the the primary energetic field that makes is possible for communication between all things.  All minds and brains are interconnected on the Akashic Field, including the souls of other beings that exist in the human realm.  It is the source of human intelligence and gives the necessary energy to enhance the mind and increase intelligence. 

We obtained this piece from a neuro-physicist who is an expert of quantum physics in a underground group of para-scientists.  This piece pulls energy from the Akashic Field.  It is the primary basis of existence and entails everything all at the same time.  It will allow you to prime your psychokinetic and telepathic energies.  It will allow you to communicate with energy of the Akashic field, which means you can communicate with others mentally, using an Akashic connection, anywhere in the world.

This piece opens your third eye, allowing you to sense spirits and communicate with them.  It will affect your emotional astuteness allowing you to pull powers from the Akashic field that can bring a variety of powers including wealth, love, sex, etc.  It is a very productive item. 

This piece also allows you to delve into the past present and future of all things.  You will know an object's, person's, or spirit's past, present, and future simply by letting your hand rest on the said entity.  How much you practice with the piece determines how strong you abilities can grow.  We've been testing this piece for some time now, and you can rest assured that this piece exhibits some pretty amazing powers and predictions!!   

Releasing Akashic Fields
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