Relinquished Desires

Sterling Silver Ring of Desirement <br /><br /> 

The hidden knowledge of finding true desires is showcased in this piece. It forecasts acquired emblems of hidden wisdom. This unifies the spirit of Odin, the god of war. Already being the god of war Odin knew that the only thing that could defeat him was knowledge. Therefore, he sacrificed himself to acquire that which could defeat him, becoming the god of wisdom and knowledge as well. For nine days and nights he hung on the world tree with self inflicted wounds, taking no food or water until he saw the reflection of the runes in the waters of life that run beneath the world tree. <br /><br />

The stone of this ring was found beneath the ground when the world tree was erected for transplantation. The stone was rescued from a rare collection at an estate sale in Eastern Malaysia.<br /><br />

This will bring forth clarity and strength of mind notation that allows you to rebuild your transmitters in the mind to understand the desires that are important in life.<br /><br />



Relinquished Desires
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