Revenge of an unfaithful lover

Revenge of an unfaithful lover~

Ganepla, a love Goddess from Peru, has always helped others bequeath their desires of passion and heartfelt needs for companionship.

No one really seemed to notice that Ganepla herself was alone. How can a love Goddess embrace the mystical divinities of connecting hearts together and not be able to find love for herself?

Emir encountered Ganelpa on his travels and learned the secret to why she was single.

He met her in a tavern and they got to talking --- she of course asked about Emirs love life, she always brings work into her personal conversations; Emir told her that he was too busy with work to even think about a relationship. In return he of course asked about her relationship status.

She was hesitant to open up at first, but then acknowledged that she is single. She only trusted her heart to one person and they were unfaithful to her --- she trapped his cheating ass in the piece you see below ~

She never wanted anything to do with love again, but knew how to help others find what they were looking for.

Emir told her about his job and what he does for Haunted Curiosities --- she offered him her raging piece that held the man that hurt her.

She felt that maybe by having the trinket she was not allowing herself the chance to heal.

This piece is raging with remorse and powers of the love force field.

Rorman, the man who cheated on Ganelpa is within this piece and will come forth to the person who bonds with the item to guide you and help you get back at those who hurt you in the past, as well as help bring you awareness of your present love life.

If you are questioning the faithfulness of your lover, or have been hurt and need help getting past it --- then you need Rorman. His mistake was punished by his entrapment into this piece. After years of being alone in regret, he learned that he can use his errors to help others fulfill their needs in love.

This is a remarkable piece that will forecast alleviation in questioning the status of your romance, and will fortify and bond with your spirit to bring the spotlight on your soul and charge your body with confidence and the powers of Ganelpa, the love Goddess!

Revenge of an unfaithful lover
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