Revival of Almendres Comlech

Almendres Cromlech

The powers vested in this piece come from a megalith that was built on a hillside in Portugal. The stone structure was erected in 4000 to 5000 BCE, and is still standing to till this day. The site boasts 96 individual rocks, erected in the shape of an oval. Although this place is not a typically frequented site, it is the most important megalith in Portugal and holds secrets and powers of it's own.

While on an investigation in Europe, I was curios as to what energies the megaliths could offer me. I booked a stay in a local hotel, gathered a crew, and prepared to investigate the site. I scoped the place out during daylight, and then came back at two in the morning, as it is widely known that the hour of spirits begins at three. I didn't want to miss any of the potential that this place had to offer.

When the clock reached three thirty, and nothing out of the ordinary had occurred, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I set up a séance to see if I could perhaps conjure the spirits that were sure to be inhabiting this ancient megalithic holy site. Sure enough, I was able to establish contact with several spirits, but the one I decided to pull through was Endovelicus, an ancient god of the Lusitanians, the ancient occupants of modern day Portugal.

Endovelicus was the chieftain god of the Lusitanians, who are actually a break off Celtic sect. He has journey to the spiritual inferno and has come back with powers that unmatched throughout Lusitanian history. Endovelicus was a supreme solar healing god, thus a god of Medicine. Some suspect he was also a god who wore several faces, one of which may have been an "infernal" one, since all solar gods went down to the infernos and returned with healing power. After receiving certain rites, if a person or priest slept in his sanctuary, Endovelicus would talk to them in their dreams and even tell them about their own future or offer divine advice.

I was able to infuse the spiritual essence of Endovelicus into this piece. With this piece you will be spiritually cleansed and will be able to perform rites of spiritual cleansing and renewal. You will be able to sanctify the souls of individuals, saving them from bad spirits and omens, and giving them luck and good fortune. You will also be able to do this for yourself. Additionally, you will be able to “sleep in the alter of Endovelicus.” While you are sleeping you will visit the spirit world, where Endovelicus will give you divine prospect and visions, which you can either choose to use for yourself or share with others.

10kt gp ring with an auricl stone with a horizon of light... beauty with power~

Revival of Almendres Comlech
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