Revolution Vampire

This is probably the most bizarre piece that we will ever offer.  It is the resurrection of a man who is simply known as Tarrare.  He was born in France in the 1770s and with him came his unusual eating habits.  Now, I'm a big boy, but I don't think that even I could eat what this guy could.  Tarrare literally had a voracious appetite that could not be satisfied.  He was able to east vast amounts of meat, but was still constantly hungry.  His parents could not provide for him and he was turned out of the family home as a teenager.  Traveling to France in a company of thieves and prostitutes, he eventually became a warm-up act for a travelling Charlatan.  He swallowed corks, stones, live animals and whole basketfuls of apples.  After this he traveled to Paris, where he became a street performer.  
When the War of the First Coalition began Tarrare joined the French Revolutionary Army.  Military rations were unable to satisfy his hunger, though.  He could eat any available food.  It didn't matter where he'd find it.  It could be the gutters of refuse heaps.  It didn't matter, because nothing was able to control his hunger.  He suffered from exhaustion and was hospitalized and became the subject of a series of medical experiments.  These experiments were designed to test his eating capacity.  Doctors were amazed when the young man at a meal intended for 15 people in one sitting.  He also at live cats, snakes, lizards, and puppies, an swallowed an eel whole without chewing.  He showed no signs of any type of mental disorder, save for the fact that he had an apathetic temperament.  
Tarrare thought he may have found his calling when General Alexandre de Beauharnais decided to put Tarrare's insatiable appetite to use.  He was employed as a courier by the French army.  The idea would be that he would eat secret documents pass through enemy lines and then recover those documents.  I'll let you use your imagination on that one.  Tarrare did not speak a lick of German, however and his first mission ended badly when he was captured by Prussian forces, severely beaten, and underwent a mock execution prior to being sent back to France.  
Frantic to find a cure to his problem, he agreed to submit to any medical procedure that would cure his appetite.  He was treated with laudanum, tobacco pills, wine vinegar, and soft-boiled eggs.  Everything failed.  Tarrare was about to give up, until he found his Holy Grail.  In a fury of hunger, he began drinking the blood from the blood bank in the hospital.  It finally cured his hunger, but the hospital booted him out because of it.  They also accused him of eating a live infant, but I don't know how accurate that was, considering some of the stories you will read says he swallowed it whole.  I have my doubts.  
Supposedly, Tarrare showed up later in Versailles and died of Tuberculosis.  I personally think that they had the wrong guy.  People have their theories, but so do I.  Mine are based solely on fact--  the fact that we have this piece that is linked to the spirit form of the former Tarrare.  This piece is phenomenal, as it literally resurrects the soul form of Tarrare for you.  He will explain to you probably better than we can what his issue was.  Long story short, his parents made a pact with the devil to be born a son.  This son became Tarrare, but the devil tricked them and bore them a vampire baby instead of a human one.  Tarrare went his whole life starving, not realizing that it was human blood he was craving.  When he found out he was actually a vampire, was when he ate the blood at the hospital.  He went to see a sorcerer, who in conjunction with a witch doctor confirm that Tarrare was never an actual human, but has always been a sanguine hybrid.   
Sanguine hybrids can eat food, if they choose, because they are either human or were born of a human birth.  However, food will not satisfy their hunger, but they won't get cravings for blood.  Not until he was older did Tarrare start craving blood, after he drank it for the first time in the hospital.  Anyhow, he lived out a full life as a vampire, even at one point gaining immortality.  However, he was sought by a vampire hunter and his body was killed by a stake through the heart.  He doesn't care much, because now he is a soul form and doesn't have to eat food or drink blood.  His soul form as been attached to this piece and with it you gain the company of a sanguine vampire, who will show up to you in soul form.  You will be able to communicate with him the same way you would if you had some friends over for afternoon tea.  He is a rather interesting individual.  
He will share with you all of his knowledge of being a sanguine hybrid, including all of his powers which he discovered at a later age after his vampire maturation process was completed.  You will be given superhuman strength, speed, and agility.  You will be given a full psychic awakening and the ability to perform all psychic powers such a telekinesis, seeing the future, controlling others minds, memorization, astral travel, etc.  You will also be given the ability sexually satisfy your partner, as sexual allure is a huge part of a sanguine vampires entrapment of victims.  You will be offered immortality.  If you choose to take it is entirely up to you, but the offer will be on the table.  You will also be given the knowledge of a certain book of sanguine spells that can grant other powers on your behalf, such as wealth and prosperity, blood alchemy, and others.  If you are into vampires, then you will absolutely love this piece!  
Revolution Vampire
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