Ringing Sounds of Adam and Eve

Ringing Sounds of Adam and Eve This token piece is an apple that holds re-missing power from the Garden of Eden -- the original apple that was eaten and caused the removal of Adam and Eve changed from a nutritious treat, to a hardened molecule of stalagmite. This was recovered and kept for decades and later was found in Jerusalem. Particles from this rare piece endured and was melted down with materials to make religious tokens of power. This is an apple that rings with a chime bell. It holds glorious powers of divinity -- it is your cherished item that will unlock the gates and allow you into the Garden of Eden, which is now a part of Heaven. Without death before you, you can enter these areas of glory from the portal transportation that comes forth when the bell is rung. This grants access through an astral ambiguity that will blow your mind!! A rare piece at a grand price~!
Ringing Sounds of Adam and Eve
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