Rogue Planets

Rogue Planets

Research has shown that when a star dies in a violent supernova, some of its planets may survive the blast but be ejected from orbit and sent wandering the galaxy!

This would offer an explanation for some of the free-roaming planets that have been found, and it could mean that more exist across the Milky Way.

In rare cases, some survivor planets may remain bound to supernova remnants, finding new orbits around the neutron stars or black holes left behind by the explosions.

These planets are pure power houses that ascend mystical energies upon the galaxies of the world.

The very populated countries of the world are unable to pull in these distinct powers from the planets due to pollution in the O-zone layer. This imparts a toxin that emits stagnant portrayals upon these vital energies.

We have an incredible piece designed and empowered by Tomer that allows you to surface travel beyond your home planet and pull these strong energies and powers from the Universe and bring them back within this piece -- using it as a protection amulet that will survive through your portal travel through the O-zone.

This will grant you new abilties that have been unforeseen by the majority, as this is a rare opportunity to be able to experience this feat~!

Testers showcased AMAZING strides in eye sight benefits. One tester had horrible vision and was all but blind, and once they traveled and pulled in powers from the supernova made planets, he was probed deep within his brain to ignite interferometry responses that created high-resolution images within his eyes... thus allowing him to gain the ability to see great, without any corrective eye lenses!!

This is just one of the strengths that has surfaced, your experiences may implore your own needs -- as the records of energy are extremely strong!!

Rogue Planets
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