Romani Awakening

Most of you will remember Grizzelle.  She is a Romani gypsy witch that we often collaborate with on making pieces. Occasionally, she gives us leads on where we can find some pretty cool items, as well.  Being that she is Romani herself, she has a bunch of connection in the Romanicommunity around the world. We met with one of her friends while she was visiting the United States few months ago.  

The person from whom we got this item is an internationally recognized Romani painter and sculptor.  She is the child of a child survivor of the Gypsy Holocaust, called Porhaymos.  She asked to not be identified by name when giving us this item, so I can't really tell you who she is.  All I can say is that in the art world, she is a decently prominent figure and when she isn't doing art, she is keeping the art of Romani witchcraft alive. For those of you who know anything aboutRomani roots, you know that they stem back to a group of outcasts that was booted out of the Egyptian civilization.  It should come as no surprise, then, that the magic of the Romani witches is among the most powerful witchcraft in the world.  

This piece resurrects healing spirits that come to you from the afterlife. They have been placed in this piece by a gypsy shaman and were actually worn to ward off evil in the years after the gypsy holocaust when there was still some dissent about where the gypsies would call their permanent home.  Nobody seemed to want to have them in their country, so this is where they got their reputation for traveling from place to place.  In today's Romani society, the traveling has sort of become a tradition.  This piece has been worn to protect several generations of gypsies from Europe.  It has seen them through tough times.  

Moreover, this piece gives you spiritual cleansing, and will ward evil away from your being and your home.  Evil lurks behind every corner and can and will follow you home should it take an interest in your vessel.  With this piece, you can assure that this never happens as it keeps demons and evil djinn at bay.  It also revokes spells and sends them back to the cursor.  Additionally, this piece will remove all blocks from your soul, giving you a full awakening of psychic powers including telepathic, empathic, precognitive, and retrocognitive powers. It has also know to brings small fortunes and wealth. 

Romani Awakening
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