Roman's Third Eye Djinni

This is a crafty little piece that packs a powerful punch.  It has been made with the help of Roman, our man-djinni.  He has helped us made a variety of crafty little pieces that are very useful in every day magic.  This is one of those pieces.<br /><br /> 

This piece has been infused with the presence of a Third Eye Djinni.   Although, this piece may seem self-explanatory, allow me to explain.  The djinni presence in your item will fully elucidate and manifest your third eye ability, with the twist of the power of a djinn.  This third-eye djinn will not only open up your full psychic and telekinetic ability, but he will go a step further.  He will add an internal sense that will allow you to detect and summon all djinn within your surroundings.  I'm not exactly sure how far this item will work for everyone, but I know I was able to know the presence of all djinn in my homestate; and Pennsylvania is a big state!!  <br /><br />

This piece is a burst of white light.  It only does white light abilities and is very powerful in its fully manifestation!!  For the full interview with the Man-Djinni, please visit youtube:

Roman's Third Eye Djinni
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