Roman's Time Djinni

Sometimes I find myself longing to be a cowboy in the Old west or living in New York City in the 20s or 30s.  Sometimes I wish I could just go back and visit with my past relatives.  I know that I could never feasibly travel back in time and stay there.  I have commitments and responsibilities I have to uphold.  I have a family.  I have a job.  However, it has never stopped me from traveling back to those times when I get a yearning for a taste of what times used to be like.  <br /><br />

This item holds the presence of a Time Djinni.  Roman, our man-djinni, has helped us make this item.  He conjured up a fellow djinni that has become an excellent oracle of time travel and has bound him to this item.  Using this item, you can travel back in time to experience past forms of life.  You can use it to travel to any time of the past, with no restrictions to visit the times and places you wish to visit.  <br /><br />


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Roman's Time Djinni
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