Rope of Love Ring/F*

Many people long for love in their life. It is only natural to want companionship! I have an aunt who has never been married; she does have 2 daughters, but she has been single now for years. She won't even go on a date, if someone tries to fix her up.

She said that she is happy with her life the way that it is, but you can tell she is lonely. One day I was at her house and we were talking, drinking a few beers, and she totally broke down and started crying, telling me about how much her life sucks! She has never experienced true love and now she feels like she is too old to find happiness.

If you are in the same kind of situation, it is not too late! We have a piece that I found that will change your life and bring love your way!

I was in New York on a bus trip, to shop, and came across a pawn shop that was selling a variety of old jewelry. They had a rope ring that caught my eye immediately.

The owner told me that he bought this ring from an estate sale from the Bakeman family. It had belonged to Susan Brewer Bakeman who was married to Daniel Frederick Bakeman. They had the record for the longest marriage in the United States. They were married for 91 years and 12 days!

This ring embodies the power of love that kept their marriage strong for so many years. It has a rope adornment on it that is connected on the back of the ring. It was a gift to showcase the strength of their marriage.

This piece is a reminder of the bond and commitment that the Bakeman's made back on August 29, 1772. This ring continues to hold the power and spirit of the love that Susan and Daniel held for one another; the spirit will embrace your heart and send energy to others to guide you to your true love!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and thinking it is too late for love or that it will never happen for you; buy this ring and bring love your way!

This is a gold wrapped ring and will hold up to anything!
Rope of Love Ring/F*
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