Rothchilds Reptilian Wealth

Rothchilds Reptilian Wealth

The Reptilian Alien bloodline that streams through the community of global elite and the wealth that control the poor, can scarce be seen more clearly that in the case of the aristocratic family known as the Rothschild.  They have their own World Order and the more or less control everything that goes on with behind-the-scenes influence on politicians and other world leaders. 

Their group rose to power under their leader Mayer Amschel Rothchild.  He was a German money changer and banker that managed to expand his empire with the help of his five sons, who he sent to different corners of Europe to grow his influence. 

The Rothchilds used reptilian aristocratic technique to keep the wealth in the family.  When I say reptilian aristocratic technique, I mean sex rituals.  He was successful in establishing his name in the Rothchilds Bank of Naples, England, Austria, Germany, France, and Switzerland.  That was just their "humble" beginnings.  They eventually built a financial empire that more or less took over the world.  They control the world's wealth and manage it in manner that, should the banks collapse, the wealth will redistributed and rerouted directly to their family. 

Now, let's go back to the Reptilian Wealth Sex Rituals.  Reptilians is a generic world that I'm using for a breed of aliens who made contact with humans a long time ago.  They are from another dimension where money is never a problem.  In fact, the technology that they used to first communicate with human beings was worth more than what would be the equivalency of over $100 Trillion.  They are extremely intelligent and wealth beyond all means.  It is barter with the aliens that gave Amschel Rothchild the power to solidify his wealth. 

Amschel agreed to be the sex slave servant of the Reptilians while they were here on Earth.  The Reptilians run on sex just as humans would run on food and water.  They need sex at least once a day in order to survive and given the scarce number of Reptilians who first came to Earth, it was impossible to do it themselves, as they were often times in far corners of the Earth.  Thus, Amschel made a pact with the Reptilians that if they would give him their wealth powers from their plane of existence, he would serve as their sex slave.  Talk about taking one for the team. 

Anyhow, eventually Amschel got his family in on it.  This is how the Reptilian spawned their half-breed offspring, in massive wealth power orgies with the Rothchilds; and when the Reptilians weren't around Amschel spread his own wealth powers to his family by forcing them to have incestuous orgies with one another in order to keep the wealth and the power in the family.  They were the only ones that were in on it, either, as we have found letters addressed from the Rothchilds to certain families of the Illuminati. 

Anyhow, these energies eventually got transferred into items that the elitist Rothchilds kept within their own familial circles, including the Illuminati that eventually became their cousins.  The bloodline of the Rothchilds and ultimately the Illuminati exist until today.  Their wealth powers are stronger than ever and they control just about every dime that is spent, in one form or another.  If they aren't forcing laws through congress that impose health insurance in American, they are demising the Euro in Europe, or strengthening their stronghold on China.  Their wealth is everywhere thanks to the energy that has been handed down through their items, that were originally vested in Amschel Rothchild, the one who sold his sex for and abundance of wealth! 

Well, I have good news.  We have our own supply of this same energy.  We were given this item from a top-secret supplier and have successfully been able to master the ability to transfer the wealth powers into these items.  These are the PURE, EXTREME wealth powers that control the world and the assets.  The energy that has been vested into your piece via an energetic transference ritual, will seek out the wealth of the top 3% for you.  Bill Gates?  Yeah, you won't need to worrying about him anytime soon.  With your own Reptilian Wealth Item, who would need to?  This will seriously transform your life into nothing but sheer wealth and power.   

While you can't see the picture that well this is POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LOVE THIS PIECE!!!! I have used to help a few near me and to wear it IS to LOVE IT!!! You will be so glad you got this piece!! Take some tiem to buy your self stuff because you will have the money to do so now.



Rothchilds Reptilian Wealth
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