Royal Bliss from Princess Portia

This incrediblel bracelet is appealing, cute, fun to wear and charged with extreme energies that will make everyone treat you with due dilligence and respect~!!

Have you always felt like a princess? Maybe you daddy treated you this way, but now that you are older people think you are a fool to have this mindset!? Well let them know that you are not a full, as with this item you will be granted with amazing asserted respect and honor from all those around you.

No longer allow people to walk all over you, or treat you like you are less of a person at work, our at any event.

Do people look at you funny when you are out shopping? Are you judged and ridiculed? Well now let them talk all be about how appealing and gorgeous you are... as you will radiate with extreme gilted energy!

The power in this bracelet has been lifted and enlighted from Princess Portia, a delegated heir to the throne --- she has had all the best and has granted some magic into this piece for us, as to acquire all that you need to always be prim and proper you need some help! And there are true shrews who magnify magic to grant things to happen for the Royal family -- these are the secrets that are kept tight lipped.... but we learned about this and Portia gladly had this piece enlightened for us.

This will change the stature of your life, as you will have unbelievable things happen to enrich you as you adhere to he energies of this bracelet and the charms it holds~

Royal Bliss from Princess Portia
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