Russian Sex Fairy Twins

Russian men love their sex.  It is no hidden fact that they seem to have an insatiable appetite for beautiful women and their most desirable private parts!!  These two fairies are Russian Sex Fairies made by a Russian sorcerer.  Not only are they sex fairies, but they are a man's deepest fantasy and most sexual taboo-- twins!!  Meet Ekaterina and Nikita.  Ekaterina is the blonde, Nikita is the brunette.  While, we have placed these spirits in Disney fairy replicas, they are very real.  They are full of heart-pound, orgasmic, wet and wild fun!!  Ekaterina specialize in spreading wide and riding the donkey until he brays for sexual gratification no more.  Nikita specializes in tongue.... pleasing with the tongue that is.  I can't type nickname here, because I don't know how to type phonetics, but I know it translated to "twister".  This alone should tell you enough about the tricks she can do with her tongue, leaving you drained and satisfied.  The twins can be sold together or separate; however, together they will work orgasmic miracles in your bedroom!!  The choice is yours.  Just remember double trouble is always better and two are better than one!! 

Russian Sex Fairy Twins
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