"S" Marks the Wealthy Spot

This piece is not one that obtained through an investigation that we went on personally.  Rather, it was sent to us from somebody we met who has already used this piece to her fullest potential-- or so she claims.  Either way, the power in this piece cannot be denied.  We have tested it time and time again and we concur that the magic that is in this piece is extremely powerful.  
To begin with, this piece is a link between the Sinclair family in Europe and their Free masonic ties.  Not that much had to be done to prove this, though.  You can pretty much do any kind of research to determine this.  Furthermore, what this piece proves is that the rituals that we have talked about before are very much still alive and going on to this day.  
I'm not saying all Masonic power was done in a dark way.  This is not true.  However, when you have a magic, there are always two sides of the magic.  There is the white light side and the dark side.  Unfortunately, some people focus more on the dark aspects of a magic.  This proved to be true when it came to the Sinclair family and their ties to a group of satanic Freemason.  
Instead of embracing the powers of God, which was much more of a difficult task, this sect of Freemasons decided that they would embrace Lucifer.  The result was blood offerings, rituals, sacrifices and massive sex orgy rituals.  These are the types of things that they Sinclairs were involved in.  It is what it is.  They wanted wealth, prestige, and fame badly and they were willing to do whatever they had to do to get it.  
This piece was made during a blood and sex orgy.  How this worked is that several people were letted of their blood and it was placed into a bowl.  This bowl was entrusted to one person.  A massive sex orgy commenced and the energy of their pleasure brought sinister forces to life.  The blood was then sprinkled over them and the alchemy of the blood brought any pieces of jewelry that were being worn by the ones involved in the orgies great wealth powers.  Not just wealth, but also fame and prominence and power and control.  Basically, all the things people crave in life for the security of their existence.  
I cannot tell you exactly which member of the Sinclair was wearing this piece and when.  What I can tell you is that is not that old.  I mean, it has some years behind it, but when you figure that the Sinclair family goes back to medieval times, this piece is kind of new.  This is proof that the rituals of the time are still practiced to this day.  Of course, we blasted this piece with white light. It doesn't change the fact that this piece brings extreme wealth.  It doesn't just bring wealth though-- it also brings wealth in the form of fame and prominence.  It will bring you wealth with wealth to come.  This wealth will come to you in all types and forms.  It is a snowballing kind of wealth.  Some wealth items are like, "Wow, I just won in the lottery."  While I'm not saying you won't win the lottery with this piece, what I am saying is that this piece will gradually lead you to wealth to build a foundation of wealth that will be there years after people who have spent their lottery earnings have run out! 
"S" Marks the Wealthy Spot
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