The most interesting things tend to happen to me at the most inopportune times.  It's okay, though.  Usually, when I'm out of the office I tend to like to leave my affairs at the office.  However, when Tomer shows up, you have to take it seriously.  He's always very busy, so he doesn't always have the most time to offer you.  That's why when he showed up at the foot my bed the other night when I was sleeping, I quickly arose and asked him why he had come.  I mean, if he knew it was late and came to wake me up, it had to be something important.  He didn't really talk too much, but handed me an amulet.  He explained to me that he amulet was to be used to travel to my destination.  He told me to make sure that I figure out all I needed to figure out while I was there because once I returned the amulet would no longer work, as he empowered the piece for a one-time use because he didn't want it falling into the wrong hands, like somebody who would use the powers in the amulet to abuse them.  He trusts us not to do this, but you never know who else might get their greedy little mitts on it.  Bottom line, the piece only allowed me to travel to my destination once.  

When I first held the piece in my hand, my arms began to tingle and burn, like I was using icy hot.  I could feel the power radiate through me as if it was being pumped into my body by a machine.  Next thing I know, things became a blur and I was being rushed through a vortex that was like a tunnel of memories.  I could look on either side and all around me were memories.  They were my own memories and I can't say for certain I know whose memories they were.  I might have seen one or two of my own or maybe not.  I could've have seen some of yours.  I guess it really just depends, they were all flying by so fast.  Like I said it was a blur.  After what seemed like forever-- I'm sure it was only a few seconds in actuality-- I finally landed in the place I was going to land.  It's not like I had any clue what was going on or where I was at first.  I know this seems weird, but the first thing I usually do when I arrive somewhere new is smell my surroundings.  Like, I actually close my eyes and ust breath in through my nose.  You can tell a lot by the way a place smells; however, I got nothing.  

The place was bleak and dark, almost with an air of depression, but at the same time the bedazzled walls brought about an air of enlightenment and hope.  It was definitely making me feel a little bit bi-polar, like I didn't know what to expect.  I wondered down a corridor that took me into a chamber.  On one side of the room was a mini-altar.  On this altar was a flame.  The flame cast a long shadow over the whole chamber.  This is when I saw the brass table with Hebrew inscriptions, upon which was sitting a book.  The book was bound with human skin and in it were scrawling that I couldn't understand at all.  Not only were the writings in a different type of text-- what I later learned was the language of the dead, the light from the candle wasn't bright enough to reach where the book sat in order to provided proper reading conditions.  My common sense told me to pick the book up and take it closer to the light of the flame.  When I went to pick up the book, I got a shock sent up my arm stronger than anything that I ever felt.  Sparks lit the room like the night sky on the Fourth of July.  This is when I first noticed the dark, robed figure resting in a dimly lit throne in the corner of the chamber.  A voice spoke out to me, "Don't touch the Book, that's not for you."  

Obviously, after hearing the voice I was a bit freaked out.  I called out in panic, "Who's there?"  There was no voice to answer me back, rather I was given psychic visions of where I was.  I will begin this by saying that the only thing that is inevitable in life is death.  The only that a human being is ever mandated to do is die.  If you are given life, it has to be taken, because life is a finite thing, unless you are immortal.  Thus, there needs to be somebody to recall spirits after this life has been taken from their mortal bodies.  This is the job of the Angel of Death, whose chamber is the one that I found myself in.  The Angel of Death is one of the most powerful Angels of God.  He has his own compartment in Heaven, in which He presides over a text called the Book of Death.  The Book of Death is king of like his own personal Grimoire, where he is given a list of names of the people who are supposed to die and how they are supposed to die according to God's will.  It is through the flame that he keeps and eye on all of mankind and how me makes himself omniscient and omnipresent.  It with this flame that he slips by in an instant and a heart attack or stroke or plane crash, or car crash, or whatever.  He sneaks in like a thief in the night and next thing you know he is recalling your soul to the afterlife for judgment. It is his sole responsibility due to God, except for the time God made the angel kill all the first-borns in Egypt.  

The Angel of Death, who also goes by the name the Grim Reaper or Santo Muerte, allowed me to look through the flame while I was in his realm.  I was quick to see the lives of millions of people and all that they do, the same way I saw the memories of millions on the way here.  That's when the memories made sense-- they were the memories of the dead from when they were living and the memories of the dead by the living.  It is the tunnel that ushered me into the realm.  As I stood there peering into the flame, from where I could literally see any point in Earthly existence.  Remember, the Angel of Death is only responsible over human lives, nothing of the universe.  Accordingly I could only see human life; but, I was able to see through the flame and tune into any life that I wanted to see.  You would think that the Angel would stop me, because He has a job to do.  Ever heard the term that someone is living on, "borrowed time?"  Well, the Reaper has the final say on time of death and complete control of destiny.  Therefore if he decides to postpone a life for a few seconds while I peer through the flame, so what of it? It's his call.  As I peered through the flame I noticed a weight around my neck.  It was the emblem that you see listed for this description, on a chain.  I've kept the chain as a memento to my journey, but the piece is now up for grabs.  I didn't stay much longer in the realm before I traveled back.  That was literally the one and only time the piece worked.  Despite what Tomer had told me before, I tried to use the piece once more to no avail.  However, the Grim Reaper piece that I got is very powerful and after running tests I can tell you that it holds tremendous power.  

First things first, this piece gives you power over death, such as the Grim Reaper holds.  It will allow you to defy death by gaining immortality, which will stop your aging process right in your tracks.  It will give you a white light healing, because after all, Angel of Death or not, it is still an Angel of the Lord.  This enlightenment will give you ancient secrets of white alchemy and necromancy that will give you the ability to pull forth any spirit you choose from the realm of souls.  It can be a long lost relative or the ghost of Marie Laveau for answers to Voodoo magic.  You can be as basic or imaginative with this power as you want to be.  Lastly, this piece gives you the secrets to the Book of Death, the Angel of Death's Grimoire.  What this will do is allow you to re-write your destiny.  While wearing this piece, you must re-write your destiny, drafting those things that you want in your life to occur (such as wealth, love, magic, fame, fortune, etc.)  Remember, the Angel of Death is also an Angel of Destiny.  Thus he holds full power over destiny and as long as you are the holder of this piece, he will grant your requests.  There are no questions about it, this piece is of the utmost power.  Now, it's up to you to make this piece yours!  There's no reason why any rational person wouldn't want to own this piece, so make this one yours today! 

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