This piece is one that comes from an investigation that we couldn't be at, personally, because we were doing a different investigation at the time.  However, we have many arms that can reach out to different places on our behalf.  This is how we secured this piece for you guys.  We sent one of our operatives to the dig site where they unearthed what would eventually be placed into the piece that we are offering that is pictured in this listing; however this one is special to me, because it was found on my birthday, just last year.  We have kept this piece, running tests on it to make sure that it is as powerful as we had originally thought.  Even now, almost half a year later the entity is just as powerful as it was when we first got the piece.  It is itching to get out and use its powers. 

This past October the 13, Archaeologists uncovered a 13th century corpse.  The corpse has a stake drive through it, as if somebody really wanted to make sure that it was dead.  The remains belonged to what was once a 40 something year old man.  The stake was driven through the mans body to keep him fastened to his resting spot, so he could not get up and terrorize the living in death.  It is clear that the stake through the heart of the vampire was an ancient vampire slaying rite.  This vampire must have been caught by surprise or something, because most vampires have super human strength and cannot be subdued by humans.  However, we are particularly glad that this vampire was caught because we can now bring you an item that holds an original vampire entity. 

The piece that you are getting has actually been made by grinding up a small bit of vampire bone.  It was forged with the material that was used to make this piece, as we had it made custom, because of the raw force of the power in the bone fragments that were recovered and sent to us.  We weren't quite sure what to do with the bone fragments at first, but this seemed like the most logical answer.  We had the ground up and used in the making of the item.  The result, so far, have been amazing.  This is one of the most powerful vampire pieces that we have offered in a very long time.  This is because once the vampire was executed his powers sat within his carnal body fomenting and becoming stronger for years and years until he was rediscovered.  Now, he is itching to get a second chance at existence, so he can fulfill his mission of power and magic in his skin-and-bones existence. 

When you wear this piece, it will awaken a vampire that is over 500 years old.  He will come to you and merge with you existence to share your body.  You will gain his presence, giving you the knowledge of ancient sanguine powers and abilities.  This means you will gain his spell abilities, his ability to mesmerize and control the minds of others, the ability create your own types of magic, the ability know ancient vampire codes, super human strength, speed, and agility, and lots more!  This is your perfect opportunity to experience what it feels like to be a sanguine vampire without having to get an entire transformation and without the need for drinking human blood.  That's why we are calling this the Hybrid Mix, because it gives you the powers without needing to give up your mortality!  It's the perfect piece for those of you whose minds have been wondering or you want to experiment.  Enjoy!   


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