Hookers, Dark Arts, and More Sex Than You Could've Hope For

Aluka is Hebrew terminology. When literally translated in means “leech.” Traditionally, Aluka is the word used in the Hebrew language to depict a vampire. Not just any vampire; No, this vampire is usually one from of the seven depths of Gehenna. Gehenna is the destination of the wicked in the afterlife. Once there, they would be transformed into wicked beings without souls.

It seems that somewhere along the line, people have caught more and more interest in the paranormal and unusual. Most of the times, people just want to see a ghost, or contact a dead relative. However, there is the dark arts part of the spectrum; it is the part of the spectrum that is represent by the item that I have available for you here.

This piece holds the spirit that we were able to conjure from one of the seven compartments of Gehenna. We reached deep and we brought back this sexy, sassy vampire from the compartment the compartment of Gehenna that deals with sexual deviants. It’s not to say that these people were sexual predators or anything of the like. Rather, they didn’t use their sex organs in accordance to the way they should have as stated in the Bible.

Rather than tantalize and tickle their G-Spots with the same partner for an entire lifetime, they’d rather share their sexual gifts and talents with… well… the entire world. For that Gehenna, we thank you! The name of this young vampire sex slave is Sarah. Sarah just never fit in… never has never will.

Her parents were killed while Sarah was reaching the age of puberty. They died in a tragic battle outside the city of Jericho, leaving a young pubescent Sara to fend for her own. In those times, it was not accepted for women to do a man’s job. In her young age, Sarah had no alternative but to learn how to use the one talent she had: her vagina.

By the age of 20, there wasn’t a person within the city limits that Sarah hadn’t attempted to solicit for a little bit of cash. She wasn’t by any means ugly, either. On the contrary, Sarah had grown into herself, transforming her body and looks into that of a beautiful temptress. She had the allure that it took to get what she wanted and there were very few men, if any, that could say no to her. She’d bang the shit out of them, collect her earnings, and lie in waiting for her next helpless victim to come along.

Soon, Sarah graduated from the city limits to the Valley of the Son, a very sinful area outside the city walls. Here, Sarah continued to perfect her eccentric sexual ways. She became a regular little Harlot. She had enough money that she no longer needed to sleep with men for money. She had also picked up a form of dark arts practiced by the Canaanites and their gods. They gave her everything she wanted, at the cost of her soul.

Sarah continued being sexually explicit with those around her, for the simple fact that she loved the feeling of sex. She loved the pulsating feeling of an erect penis penetrating deep inside of her. She experimented with it and perfected the art of sexual positioning, eventually being able to provide her male counterparts with multiple orgasms, while tanking her G-Spot every single time. She even sought out the counsel of Asherah the fertility goddess, who taught her even more self-gratifying sex tips.

Eventually, the time came when Sarah was to be handed over to Gehenna; but, the party didn’t stop. With Sarah it never stops. She was transformed into a vampire sex spirit, or in Hebrew, “Aluka.” Now is the part where this comes full circle. Sarah took full Aluka form while in Gehenna. She slept with as many underworld creatures as possible, sponging up their dark art forms and magic. She has dwelled in Gehenna until we pulled her out.

Now, her full form is in the piece that you see below. She has fully matured her sexuality and her ability to practice dark arts and black magic. She is a thru and thru underworld diva. She is manifested in the piece and will bring forth her many talents for you. You will be able to have mind blowing sexual encounters. She will give you her energy to use on others. She will manifest her dark arts and black magic through your soul. She is finally set free and will stop at nothing to embark upon dark, sexual quests with whomever she can. It’s your lucky day!!

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