Another new salt man was found in Iran this past weekend.  If you aren't familiar with the salt man, allow me to explain.  These salt men are mummified corpses of the ancient past that keep turning up in the salt mines of the Middle East.  The salinity of the mines keep their bodies in pretty good condition, too.  A lot of them turn up in the salt with full grown beards and a wooly head of hair.<br /><br /> 

The first salt man was dug up in 1993 by accident, during a routine salt mining process.  It dated back to 300 BC.  He had iron knives and single gold earring.  Eleven years later another salt man was discovered merely 50 feet away, and a teenage boy mummy was uncovered in 2005.  These are merely examples.  The oldest of these salt men date back to 9550 BC!!  Extraordinary.  <br /><br />

Even more extraordinary is that another one was recently found in Iran this past weekend, certainly not televised and not even reported.  This salt man was different though, from circa 1800 BC.  It put the icing on the speculative cake that suggested these salt men are preserved bodies of Satyrs from Roman and Greek mythology.  The previous salt men bore a certain semblance to the legends of the Satyrs.  This salt man actually bore their full powers and it was preserved in the salt around him. <br /><br /> 

This item has received its powers by being soaked in the salt water that was made with the previously mentioned salt from Iran.  It holds the powers of your all original Satyr.  Satyrs were the companions of Pan and Dionysus.  Pan is the deity of the wild, of nature and of mountains.  He is god of the hunt and of rustic music.  He is the companion of the nymphs.  Basically, he is an ancient, mythological man-whore.   Dionysus  is god of the harvest and of wine.  He ruled over ritual madness and ecstasy.  <br /><br />

The Satyrs are the companions of these two deities.  They have received the powers of these two deities   They are instilled with debaucherous, intoxicating, ravishing, wild sex magic.  I like to call these powers sextasy.  They are the most explicit, R-rated, raw, orgasmic sex powers that you will have ever experienced.  I used this piece once during testing, and the spirit showed itself to me.  Next thing I know, the Satyr was reading my subconscious desires and spanking me, insisting that I had been naughty!!  The Satyr made me growl and utter, "I'm a bad boyyyyy!"  It was fun, spontaneous sex.  The best part?  No strings attached!!  Get this piece today!!<br /><br />


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