This piece is empowered with communicative skills, showcasing the rite of passage on how to adapt to social clues and rid the anxiety and tensions that may occur.

This piece will help you to know what communication really is ~!! Communication is the process of transferring signals/messages between a sender and a receiver through various methods (written words, nonverbal cues, spoken words). It is also the mechanism we use to establish and modify relationships.

The energy in this piece will give you the courage to say what you think -- you will gain confidence in knowing that you can make worthwhile conversation; you will be able to identify with your opinions and feelings adequately. Individuals who are hesitant to speak because they do not feel their input would be worthwhile need not fear. What is important or worthwhile to one person may not be to another and may be more so to someone else.

You also will have infused power to help with developing advanced communication factors, such as ensuring that you make eye contact~! Whether you are speaking or listening, looking into the eyes of the person with whom you are conversing can make the interaction more successful. Eye contact conveys interest and encourages your partner to be interested in you in return. This can be hard for some to do -- but the enlightened piece will help!

The best part of this is the power that will compile surges to your mind to have you use gesture!!. These include gestures with your hands and face. Make your whole body talk. Use smaller gestures for individuals and small groups. The gestures should get larger as the group that one is addressing increases in size.

And now it seems like you may be sending mixed messages --don’t send mixed messages. Make your words, gestures, facial expressions and tone match. Disciplining someone while smiling sends a mixed message and is therefore ineffective. If you have to deliver a negative message, make your words, facial expressions, and tone match the message.

The piece will also make you aware of what your body is saying. Body language can say so much more than a mouthful of words. An open stance with arms relaxed at your sides tells anyone around you that you are approachable and open to hearing what they have to say.

Many people lack the skills of really communicating an shut themselves away from others, often time just stating that they do not like people, or that they are anti-social. It is time to enjoy life and all those who you come in contact with -- I am not saying everyone is going to be your friend, but you surely will have advanced opportunities in all avenues of your life by utilizing the power in this piece.

"Anchor" yourself and learn how to respond to the many glories of life!


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