This piece is the perfect incognito piece.  I'm not saying that I necessarily ever wear this piece out in public; and to get activate the powers you don't even have to so it's okay.  I mean, if you like it then by all means wear it wherever you want.  The point is you don't have to if you don't want.  While sitting at home, nobody will ever be able to guess that this piece does what it does, given the goofy looking little boy who is pictured in the frame, with his caption, "Giggle."  However, beneath this giggling little boy is a magic that not even I suspected would be there when I first saw this piece.   When you wear, or hold it in your hand, the picture of the boy will eventually fade, making room for something much more powerful.  When you are in a state of deep concentration this item will allow you to look through the frame to see into the realm of sanguine vampires.  Yes, there is a realm designed specifically for them, but you should've known this by now.  If you didn't this is the perfect time for you to experience it.  When you peer into this realm, you will be able to feast your eyes upon all types of sanguine magic and ability.  You will be able to use the magical elements in this item to store those forms of sanguine magic that you will behold when using the scrying part of this item.  Thus, you will have a source of sanguine magic that you bring with you back to the mortal realm to use whenever you want. 

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