SEPARATING SKEPTICS We all have people in our lives who do not think along the same lines as we do. These people often try to deter us from following our hearts desire and do what they feel is correct and true! Have you experienced this from friends and family? I think at some point we can all relate to this ideal -- and I want you to know that you need to follow your passion and forecast the elements of the re-missive state that had prolonged the progress. Some people say "Oh, I used to do that"... or "I was good at that once"... they let other people's concerns stop them from following what makes them feel good, and makes them happy. That lost sediment of hope, dreams and desire gets buried beneath feelings of doubt, uncertainty and years of life's trials and tribulations~! This piece was empowered by Raviniska with an element that releases the talents, follicles of passion and reversion of re-missive energies that you once had! Do you wish you would have tried to become a singer, actress, go to medical school? Now you think it is too late for you to be successful and follow your dreams -- because you are latent in your ways and the way life has unveiled itself is hindering you from capturing the old embellishments -- then you need the special temker power that is within this item! This is the second chance element that will bring forth the empowered principles that will enrich and grow the opportunity for you to impart what you have always wanted to become! THIS PIECE IS AN INCREDIBLE EMPOWERMENT AND ENERGY FLOW. IT IS A STERLING RING, SIZE 8 1/2, WITH INLAYS OF WHITE LIGHT BURSTS!! ENJOY!
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