Seducing Anya

The piece that you see here is one of the most unique that I have ever encountered. It beholds powers that are few and far between. The powers that are infused by the piece have been put there on purpose via a summoning ritual that was held for the purpose of obtaining the powers. What we got was more than what we bargained for. Now what we have is a piece that has powers that originate from the Lillith, Queen of the Damned.

The piece that you see holds the Vampiress and Succubi that has been named Anya. Originally she was a servant of the renowned Blood Countess of Hungary. The Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory, wasn't what one might call attractive. She was always looking for ways to please her husband, the Slovak count, Ferenc Nadasdy. She feared that if the count found another bride, she would lose her power and influence. Little did the count, or others for that matter, realized the Blood Countess was a Succubi. I mean, it shouldn't have been that hard to figure out, she was from Transylvania. Nevertheless, it went undiscovered until much later.

Anyway, the Blood Countess used her ability of hypnotism and enchantment to put a spell on Anya. Elizabeth was terribly envious of Anya's beauty and she knew that if she drank Anya's blood, she would become as beautiful as she was. With the spell she cast upon her, she lure Anya into her bedroom, where there was a fierce sexual encounter, followed by a ritual during which Elizabeth drained the blood from Anya and drank it, obtaining her beauty.

On the other side of things, Anya found her spirit in a unfamiliar setting. She wasn't sure where she was, but it didn't take her long to realize what had happened. When she realized what had happened, she also realized that since she had been the victim of a Succubi, she had landed in the Underworld. She wandered aimlessly, despaired at her outcome. It didn't take long for her despair to turn a 180, because she was discovered by Lillith, the Queen of the Underworld. Lillith felt pity for Anya and took her under her wing, giving Anya a position in her high court. She gave Anya powers beyond what Anya could even imagine. She made Anya the Chancellor over beauty and elegance. Her beauty is unparalleled and she holds the magic of enchantment and hypnotism. She also holds powers over sexual intensity, being able to give a person his or her most memorable sexual experience, period. She has been given the exclusive powers to negotiate with angels, because she had suffered an innocent, amissed death; however, rules are rules and she had been turned into a succubi before death, so this was her fate. That's okay, though, because have been able to summon her soul to inhabit the piece that you see here.

This piece will render you a very powerful succubi. Anya will encompass your being, giving you utmost beauty and elegance. She will give you the power of entrancement over your adversaries. You will be able to control others' minds to get them to do what you want them to do via the power of hypnosis. You will be turned into a sexual goddess, giving any man (or woman) that you have encounters with the time of their lives. You will know all the right spots to hit, as you will be changed into a most powerful seductress. You will be able to also perform the white magic spells and charms of the angels, such as Anya can. Anya will protect you spiritually, fighting off predators that wish to do you harm or cause you hardship. You will receive the piece that you see here, but you better hurry because will go fast.

This piece is 18k gold and sterling silver. All magics both dual AND white can be done with this piece. This magic is from the highest of long ancient teachings and nothing is watered down. This is potent stuff.

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