Psychic Surgeons

This piece contains magic that comes from South America. In the country of Brazil, people can be found that are exactly rustic in nature, in the sense that they use modern technology for their practices. They can be found using anesthesia and other medical implementations to help cure their patients and nurse them back to “normal”.

Unlike healers, psychic surgeons actually reach deep into a patient’s body to pull out such physical ailments as tumors and infected organs. Sounds crazy right?? I know, but it’s true. There are many documented cases these psychic surgical goings-on. These surgeons believe in spiritual roots and magic. This is what gives them the power to perform their procedures. They are also spiritual in the fact that they believe that inflammation, infection, and disease continue to exist based on the attitude of the patient on the condition. For example, in a patient does not truly believe that they are going to get better, he or she will not.

Thus, these psychic surgeons are also very much spiritual doctors. They help the patient to recognize that negative feelings or thoughts contribute to an ailment. They are spiritual leaders and help their patients to form a bond between the mind, body, and spirit to achieve a balance that is required for oneness within one’s own being. This will eventually cure the person. It’s documented. It has happened.

We sent a team of investigators to see exactly what was going on in Brazil. It turns out that psychic surgeons are capable of inter-astral travels. They were born with this special psychic ability and they are able to practice it with perfection. In the beginning of time, the ancients were travelling when they came across a realm that held a superior race. They brought back with them the powers that made it necessary for psychic surgeons to do their work.

However, what isn’t widely known is that the psychic surgeons who descend directly from the bloodline of the original ancients who brought this power back are the most powerful. You can think of them sort of as psychic surgeons on steroids. They have abilities that the other, “regular”, surgeons do not. They are more spiritual than anything.

These more efficient versions of psychic surgeons are known as spirit seekers, probably because of the uncanny ability to reach into the souls and spiritual beings of others. They do this, most of the time, to pull out the bad and negative energies that exist in others. They do this with the cooperation of their patients.

With the being said, soul seekers are a very powerful race and can use their powers for whatever purposes they want. They could be malevolent with it and use it suck the souls of others and use these souls for acquisition of power and immortality. These types of actions aren’t taken in stride with their gift, and rather their gift is viewed as more of a responsibility than anything. However, there are occurrences where a soul seeker has been known to wipe a person clean of his or her soul, leaving the person lifeless with no option for eternity. A soul seeker can do this to as many people as 20-30 at a time. It all depends on how practiced he is.

We have received this piece from a soul seeker in Brazil. It will give you all of the powers documented in the above account. This piece will best suit your needs for one of two, or both, reasons. The first reason is if you really want to use your powers how it is laid out above. You be transformed into a natural born spiritualist. You will be able to help people and yourself via spiritual healing, elevated awareness, etc. The other way you can use this piece is to completely pull the powers out of entities such as vampires, lycans, witches, demons, angels, spirits, etc. This is both a power acquisitions and spiritual cleansing piece. Use it for what you will, just remember—karma can be a real bitch sometimes.

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