Do spirits of the dead truly walk the halls of windswept, desolate mansions that stand on the threshold of two realms—the physical and ethereal? Many claim to have had such encounters, but not always in such archetypal Hollywood-style settings. From the reports of many it seems that such encounters can happen in virtually any setting, from the quaintest cottage to the most lavish of estates. The veil can be pierced in any location at any time, allowing one to view into the realm of spirit.
There are currently three prevailing findings that dominate the field of paranormal research regarding ghosts and haunting-activity, they are as follows: actual spirits-of-the-dead returning—or ones that are purportedly “stuck” on this plane—, poltergeist phenomena, and residual hauntings.
Spirits-of-the-dead that purportedly return to this plane for a variety of reasons, is the archetypal image that comes to mind for many when they think of a “ghost.” Though the concept seems very cliched and trite, many claim to have had such experiences with lost loved ones—and even the “spirits” of strangers, in some cases. These ethereal beings return for a variety of reasons: to warn one of impending doom, to deliver a message, to set right past wrongs. 
Poltergeists are not spirits, per se; this is a much more psychically oriented phenomenon. Often associated with adolescents the activity usually involves the moving of objects, strange distortions of electrical equipment, and rapping and knocking sounds that can often be heard around the person associated with the phenomena. The prevailing theory is that the activity is caused by the psychic-energies of the person or persons whom the phenomena are occurring around. 
Residual hauntings are again, not directly related to actual spirits. A residual haunting consists of an apparition that follows the same linear path, time-after-time. The energy can be imprinted on an environment, thus allowing these imprints to replay themselves.
Since there has been confusion and issues with gaining access to spirits in all sense of what they are -- we wanted to grant an empowering spirit channeler that will enable you to facilitate connections with all intervals of entities!

This is a strong piece empowered by Merlin to engage your interest in learning ideals from those who have passed, including those you have known and those who may have an interet in gifting you information that they kept inside of them and passed without passing the knowledge on~!

Very strong piece and easy to use!

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