Sell Your Home

Are you looking to move? You found a new home that would work better for your families needs, but you have to unload your current home before you can get the new one you want? Well Grizzelle's great grandmother has a spell that will make someone fall in love with your home!

This was utilized years ago to make women love their home so they would want to stay at home and be barefoot and pregnant.... this is why we now look back and wonder how they could be content and truly in the home -- and this is why, many were induced with this empowered magic.

Keep this piece attached to a curtain in your home, at eye level and it will attract buyers and make them be drawn into your home and see all of the potential that it holds.

This can save you a lot of time and money --- as you can list For Sale By Owner and save the commission money of a realtor -- or if you use a realtor cause you do not have time to do the showings, you will know your home will sell fast~!

If you are planning on selling, get this -- or if you have been on the market waiting to sell --- this is a MUST HAVE!!

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