This isn't necessarily a religious piece but it does have to do with one of the factions of God.  I want you to read the following:

And the seven angels who had the seven plagues came out of the temple, clothed in linen, clean and bright, and girded around their chests with golden sashes. Then one of the four living creatures gave to the seven angels seven golden bowls full of the wrath of God, who lives forever and ever. And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from His power; and no one was able to enter the temple until the seven plagues of the seven angels were finished.

-Revelations 15:6-8

There has always been something that has been transformative about the Seven Plagues.  While the seven plagues are awful occurrences, there seems to be a certain purity that is brought about by the after affects.  I guess it works much like a purge.  It ushers out the bad and ushers in the good.  Living in a post-plague environment would be specifically enriching because all of the bad is over and the only things that you have to look forward to are the good things to come.  It's kind of like a rainbow, which is the reminder of God's presence on earth, that he will never again kill off all of his creation.  He felt bad enough the first time that he did.  However, this doesn't mean that he won't plague the Earth again, to get rid of the ones that have been desecrating his name and making mockery of the world he has given us.  In fact, if you read the passage above, from the Book of Revelations, we are surely guaranteed a plague revival in the End of Times.  Folks, I hate to beat a dead bush, but allow me to be the first to tell you-- the End Time are upon us all.  You will see a Rapture in your times, but in order to do this the world will be cleansed through the power of the Plagues.

So, you might be wondering how these plagues make the the world a better place.  Well, first and foremost, it helps with decreasing the population.  During the plagues a good majority of those who don't believe in God or do know God, but refuse to acknowledge Him.  It will terrorize these people with awful things that will allow them to turn to God for salvation or to die in their misery.  Second, with the coming of a the Seven Plagues, there are Seven Hidden powers of God.  These Hidden powers then remain on Earth for acquisition by Godly people.  These Seven Hidden powers are Seven Character traits of God, each that give those who encounter them will be give the Seven Secrets of God, which are the Seven Secrets of the Lord.  Those who encounter these secrets will give given seven specific powers that have been reserved for only the most powerful of God's angels-- the Seven Angels of the Lord who carry the Plague.  I know this all seems a bit circular, but the point is that when the plagues come, they will be followed by seven very powerful energies, one right after another.  They will be here for people to access and people to use, for those who have received the proper enlightenment in the meantime.  

This piece is a white light flower ring.  It will allow you to blossom in your powers, because each stone on this ring represents a seed of the plague, meaning, each one of these pieces holds an angel of the plague and the power they usher in after their destruction.  I'm not going to tell you what these seven powers are, because that would defeat the whole purpose of this piece.  They are seven SEVEN SECRET powers for a reason-- because they are the hidden secrets that God will only send when the plagues are ready to even the playing field again.  I will tell you this much, with this piece you are shot into the realm where the Angels of the Plagues are kept.  On each angel the name of their plague is written across their forehead in the blood of Christ and the name of the power the bring is written across their chest.  You will be able to gain the ability of this power, merely by reading it out loud.

This piece is nothing short of phenomenal, especially since these powers haven't seen a man's eye or the likeness of the world since ancient times in Egypt when the Seven Plagues haunted that country.  If the powers were powerful back then, imagine how much more powerful they will be now that they are amped up to take on the whole world.  You will not be disappointed with these pieces or the powers they will provide you with!  If you are into covert one-of-a-kind powers then this piece is the one for you.  You will gain all that I've told you about above, plus so much more like an understanding of the knowledge of how God works and the boundaries of his kingdom.  Nit necessarily a religious piece, but it stills brings a blast of white light powers! 

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