There are seven powers of the mind that are usually untapped. These are called your soul senses.  Here is the list of these amazing human powers.

1-  The power of to psychometrize which means to be able to touch anything and gain power from it,know it's history and feel it's vibrations as related to the world.

2-The ability to enjoy and absorb the best of the life wave, this is a pure essence of life and is like an orgasm but has nothing to do with sex.

3-through your sense of smell the ability to smell into the spiritual realm, the reason for this one is so that all senses are working to bring you the life of a spiritual full reality.

4-Through sight you can also have clairvoyance in a lucid state,this means your mind is operating on more of a spiritual level.

5-Ethereal vibrations,this is the ability to hear into the spirit realm,so with this piece so far you see and hear,feel and smell. To hold all of these abilities if very rare as most people will possess one or two.

6-Intuition,this gives you the psychic ability to see far into the future and also to gain true inspiration from the divine. Most times that is what this gift is really about but so many use it for other things that it never reaches it's full potential. With this "side Effect" You will have it anyway,the divine part and the psychic I can see the future part.

7- The ability to converse with spiritual intelligence. This means any type of creature,it is more of a thought transference,you just KNOW what is being said and you can respond back or start a conversation whenever you wish.


This set of soul senses will totally change your life. Through these few things you will have control of the world around you. You will no longer be a soul in the darkness trying to  emerge into the light.   All that you need is right here.


What are these in?

These are in two sterling silver bracelets as pictured. You will get one of them and they will fit ANYONE! I don't care how big you are! These will fit you and they are gorgeous.  One is Purple and the other is Green. once you place them on,at that moment these begin to work. There is no need to do anything with them,no ritual,no nothing. I would have to say that this is one of my favorite pieces.

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