These are nothing but impressive and if your looking for that number 1 sex piece to increase all that your looking for then this is it!


This one like the other is on pure Ivory which means you can never get another one. These are also one of a kind,art,magic and pieces. On the end of them what you can't see is a loop so you may add a jump ring and wear it as a necklace. Of course these are very graphic and you might want to wear them under your clothes but that is up to you.


Now let me tell you who made them and how they were made.  And yes of course they have been tested plenty of times to make sure they work but OMG we seriously had to back off!


These were made by an Astal Medium who gained her power while astral traveling. She said she went to the underground Mercury lake where the hidden pyramid sits. After that she was able to create anything. I believe her as I have been there. Before that trip she could only astral travel but now her powers are unbound! She is very old and not what you would think would do a sex piece or pieces but I had these done for someone very well known around the world. Now I was surprised that they contacted me because for one I have done a write up on them and it wasn't very good,so in shock I was!

Now this person needed it because they had a heart transplant and could not get the old penis to work. Once I had it done they did not want it in this form and they certainly don't understand certain cultures,so your gain. And trust me it is a gain because these were expensive.


This one is only for the men. This will increse size and width. This is will also attract any sex that you desire,male or female. This is very heavy duty so if this is something you need then get it now as this was a special order that took me a long time to get,so one of a kind!

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