My breath became shorter and shorter. It wasn’t long before I lost all control and I couldn’t contain the bursts of sexual pleasure and joy that were coming from below. My body felt good all over, like I was in a constant state of ecstasy. My body was trembling like it was the middle of winter, although the heat of our two bodies meshed together were almost unbearable. At first the good feeling began as a little ball in that special spot. It grew and eventually covered by abdoman and my thighs. It felt like fingers all over my body, stroking... sometimes gently, sometimes firm, but all ecstatic. The energy spread down my legs into my feet. Up top, it spread into my arm and down my arms to my fingertips. My body began to swirl and quiver. The orgasmic feeling then flooded my brain. At this point my entire body contorted and I began having astral orgasms one right after the other. I bit my bottom lip and began letting out strangled moans, because I could no longer contain the feeling. The sex got faster and faster and with each penetration, the feeling got better and better. I reached one hand behind me, grabbing his hips and pulling him deeper into me and he started to swivel his hips back and forth. This drove me crazy and I completely lost it. If I could’ve cried at this point, I would have... that’s how amazing it felt!! He completely synchronized his body to mine and we moved in unison, my mind traveling to other places as the pleasure boosted me into new realms of astral consciousness. Then I began to feel that little pang of extra special pleasure and it grew and grew and I could feel the climax orgasm coming on. I began to shake feverishly and so did he. I could feel that he was about to explode. Our bodies were in perfect sync, hitting each other’s perfect spots. Then I felt us both explode together and it was all I could do to keep from going into convulsions! Afterward, I lay there and cuddled with my guy, who happened to be William Levy. If you don’t know who that is, you should research him. He’s delicious. Anyway, when I was done I took this bracelet off of my wrist. Then William went away. I wasn’t disappointed though, because I was worn out anyway. He was there with me for four LONG hours, providing constant sexually explicit enjoyment!! This item is made with gypsy sex magic. The feet on the bracelet are yours and your sex partners. The bosoms are just that... magical sex bags that help you reach into the realm of sex spirits to pull out anybody that you want. There is a duplicate of each person that exists in the sex spirit realm. Using this piece you pull anyone from the sex realm that you want to sleep with. This piece is unique because it is so versatile. It’s all up to you and your level of kinky and freaky. You can summon sex spirits that will tie you up, dress up in leather, smack your ass, lick you all over, love bondage, do roleplay and foreplay. There are no limitations. This piece will do straight sex, gay sex, lesbian sex, transgender sex, threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes!! This is the ULTIMATE sexual fantasy piece. Again, there are no restrictions on this piece... only HOURS AND HOURS of sheer sexual pleasure!! Enjoy!!
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