Listen, there isn't that much to this piece.  I mean, there is but it isn't really hard to use and the story isn't really too involved.  I got this piece from a hooker witch that I know.  Her name is Shivonne.  She used to be my friend, which is when she gave me this piece.  We don't really speak anymore because she used her seductive powers to enchant my boyfriend and sleep with him.  It wasn't very nice, but when your a sex witch, sexual preference doesn't matter... you just get what you want-- over and over and over again.  I don't really think she did it on purpose.  I think she was an addict.  Either way, she gave me this piece and told me that this piece is what had initially unlocked the doors to her own powers by which she became a Tantric Witch with the most tantalizing sex powers.  
Although I've never really known Shivonne to be a liar, I decided to test this piece anyhow.  After testing it extensively I can tell you that this piece holds the presence of Ragaraja, who is an ancient Buddhist god of sex and passion.  He holds the deepest tantric sex magic, with the ability to turn all of your sexual endeavors and encounters into magic and spiritual empowerment such as psychic abilities, the ability to awaken your self, and the ability to cleanse your karma, for example.  Basically, his presences transforms you into a Sex Witch with the most potent and powerful of spells and magic.  Each time you have sex, it simply magnified and multiplies your magic and the effectiveness thereof!!  It's a win-win situation!!  

To use this piece, simply put some of your favorite fragrance into this bottle.  I know that the bottle depicts a naked woman, but this bottle can actually be used for males or females.  Once you put your fragrance into the bottle, the ancient spell on the outside of the bottle will summon Ragaraja who will enchant the liquid with his sex magic.  When you rub the applicator on your skin, your body will go into heat.  You will began to race with sexual desire and the scent of your pheromones will send whomever you touch into a raging sexual frenzy.  You and whoever you couple with will be rushed to the astral plane to experience tantric sex as the essence of Ragaraja rushes through both of you causing you to release the most tantalizing and indulgent orgasm you have ever experienced.  It will be deep... and hard... like a volcano releasing lava into the air from the core of the Earth.  You WILL pop!!  You WILL explode!!

Afterwards, the energy you released during your sexual encounter will be returned to you in pure magical form, exponentially increasing your magical ability, your vitality, your youthfulness and the effectiveness of your powers and magic!!  This piece is amazing.  Trust me-- I've used it at least a dozen times!  The best part about it is that when you run out of fragrance you can just refill the body.  There are no limits on how powerful you can become with this piece and no limit on the amount of sexual energy you can attain.  It will feed off of each other as your ability gets stronger, your sexual encounters will become more enjoyable.  The more enjoyable your encounter, the stronger the energy it emits and stronger your magic will become.  Enjoy this piece, because I know it's potential!  This is one the you will NOT want to pass up!!  Especially if you're a freak like me!!   

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