This mermaid is Persephonie and that is how it is spelled. She is 26 with blond hair that is super curly. She has purple eyes,medium skin tone,a good sized butt but is thin and full boobs. Her personality is more serious but she knows how to have fun too. She is super intelligent and was on the board of treasures in her home territory. Persephonie's unusual quality is that she has powers just like a djinn. She lives in her enclosed shell and does not mind being worn or left alone. You only need to address her by name.

Along with those qualities she also brings wonderous wealth. This is something that is born into all mermaids by being in a treasure filled sea. They don't even look at wealth as we do but look at wealth as art due to design. We look at these things as ways to cash in but they don't.


To get your mermaid to be your sea maid just call her by her name,indulge her with water,baths and showers. Take her to the beach when you can but most importantly have a small bowl filled wwith water and some pretty rocks. This is where you will ask her for things. The bowl should cost you all of a dollar and rocks can be had anywhere. This is a personal companion that even can make you beautiful. For the men they often seek a relationship but that is up to you.

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