These pieces that you will see here titled SHIA'S COLLECTION are extremely powerful. These are very limited on what I can get and all that I have are now on. If your seeking something much different then this is it.

First let me tell you where I got them. It was not on investigation or anything like that but a simple day off in a flea market. I met a covert operations man for the CIA he was out with his daughter and son selling war stuff from the Iraqi war. He had night vision,clothes,bullet proof plates and all kinds of stuff. He was very interesting so I told him what I did. He said his job now was to train men in case of capture,teach them how to escape and talk to the enemy. He taught them how to give false info so they could be kept alive longer to try and plan an escape. He said to get information all he had to do was give them Monster drink or Red Bull which they can not buy over there. He said they would mix that with booze and tell him everything he wanted to know. He was used because he went in with out a uniform and does not look American. He looks a little Russian to me be he is not.

After telling him what I did he went into his van and pulled out some interesting stuff. These are the items I'm selling. All items have been tested and research done on them. I have learned alot myself but most of all the items work.

This ring is in sterling silver and about a size 9 or 10,maybe somewhere in between. This is to prevent evil curses,hexes,spells and spirits of ill intent. This will also allow for wealth and good luck in all aspects of life. This works well in the wealth department as well. You should not want for much. THERE IS ALSO ANCIENT CODE AND SCRIPT ON THIS RING AS WELL.
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