Americans consume over 47 billion plastic bottles of water each year.  A harmful chemical, Bisphenol-A (BPA) used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plactics like water bottles, water pipes and coolers, plastic and metal food, drink and storage containers, tableware, baby bottles and childrens' sippy cups, has been shown to leach into the food or beverage, which is then ingested by the user in sufficient quantities to be harmful.  It is also found in thermal paper, like cash register receipts, sports equipment, dental fillings, sunglasses, CDs and DVDs.  It is one of the world's highest production chemicals!  BPA has the same effect on the body as the female sex hormone, estrogen and changes the patterns of cell growth and death. 
 In 2005, several reports were released, but they were ignored by the plastics industry. By 2008, consumers began to question the safety of these products.  In 2010, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that BPA could possibly pose a hazard to fetuses, infants and young children.  Many consumers stopped buying them, forcing plastics manufacturers to substitute Bisphenol-S (BPS) in the production process, which they advertised as BPA-free and a safe alternative.  Actually, BPS may be even more harmful!  It has the same estrogen-mimicking qualities and can be absorbed through the skin 20 times faster than BPA and doesn't break down as quickly, meaning it stays in your body longer!
Why would plastics manufacturers discontinue use of one harmful chemical only to replace it with a more toxic one?  Could the plastics industry really be unaware that BPS has the same harmful effects on humans as BPA?  Why would the FDA warn consumers about the harmful effects of BPA, but not BPS?  Think about the effects of exposing an entire population to estrogen and perhaps some answers to these questions can be found.
Contaminating food, water and ordinary household items that people touch every day is the most efficient way to infect and unsuspecting public.  Exposing males to estrogen makes them physically weaker, essentially turning them into females.  These changes are even passed to future generations.  Consider that there are at least five aliens hidden in government positions right now.  They're planning to seize control of the government and a weakened populace would be key to their success!
** This piece holds illuminated powers that will prevent the chemicals from affecting you, or any man you know. If you have lost your gusto, or no longer feel as manly as you once were -- it is not that you are getting older -- it is that you are consuming elements that are affecting your chemical makeup. Take back control and fortify the hormones and levels of personal energies that are within you.
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