I received this piece about two and half years ago.  My friend from Germany, Stefani, picked it up for me at a conventionshe was attending.  She mailed it to me, I got my use out of it, and am now making it available to you. <br /><br />

This is the heart of a sorceress who was, at one point in time, the most powerful underground sorceress is Germany. <br /><br />
Gretchen was the mother sorceress of the largest organized sorority of white magic sorceresses in Germany from 1990 until 1999, when she died at age twenty-nine. <br /><br />
A couple of years before her death, Gretchen encountered a mysterious, handsome warlock named Hans.   Unbeknownst to Gretchen this warlock was actually an imposter, who had cast a love spell on her, so he could steal her powers.  It worked too, until Gretchen found out Hans’ secret and attempted to reverse the spell and regain her powers, which he had stolen from her already. <br /><br />
She hadn’t noticed her powers diminishing little by little and it took all the energy she could muster to channel her powers out of the warlock and into this heart pendant and then vanquish the warlock the underworld.  However, she accomplished the task, preserving her powers for the use of white magic and not letting it slip into the hands of the evil warlock.  Unfortunately, it had taken all of her life energy away from her and she passed away in the process. <br /><br />

We have this piece, still infused with Gretchen’s mystifying powers.  When you have this piece you will be able to perform white magic including spells, rituals, and potions that go along with it!<br /><br />

You will hold the ability to shape shift, as this is a favorite practice among the German Sorority.  This piece also holds a powerful black magic shield that enveloped the piece as a symbol of Gretchen’s bravery.  The knowledge that goes along with this piece is limitless.  Act now, as this is a one of kind piece. <br /><br />

*The relic pendant is sterling silver and holds what I believe are 2 small diamonds.

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