This piece has been made in conjunction with both Shine and Tomer, two of the most powerful beings that we have ever encountered here at Haunted Curiosities. When we had a few spare moments to sit down and work with both of these tremendous forces, we asked ourselves, "What would we want?" if we were in your shoes. This is why we have contracted Tomer and Shine to help us make the following pieces. These items have been tailored to meet the needs of the person who receives it. They are vampire attraction pieces-- the strongest ones that we have ever encountered and probably the strongest ones that we will ever have. Using their powers, Shine and Tomer have made these items very powerful in a way that remained gender neutral so that way we can add the finishing touch to cater to the needs of the people who get these items. The energy in this piece will send subliminal thoughts from your subconscious out into the open energy pool that exists on our planet and through all external and alternate dimensions and forms of existence. It will seek out the perfect vampire form for you. There is one that exists out there for everyone, it's just that most people don't know how to find it. Using this piece, you will create a magnetic soul connection that will draw in the perfect vampire companion form for you. You can use the powers of this vampire as your very own-- money, love, sex, wealth, sanguine powers and abilities-- whatever you want this piece will attract a vampire form that will do those things for you. There are no limitations on this item and you can use to find the perfect vampire match for you that fulfill all of your needs. When you purchase one of these items, be sure to send Deedee ONE email with all the information. Do not send her more than one on the matter, unless she requests additional information from you... and be patient with these pieces, because like I said before, we have to put the finishing touch on them once you send your questionnaire. First and Last Name: Date of Birth: Sexual Orientation (and whether you'd prefer a male or female vampire): Powers you want your vampire to share with you: I almost forgot to let you know this tidbit of information-- your vampire can be male, female, shemale, gay lesbian, bisexual, try-sexual-- whatever you want. You've just got to let us know!! THESE WILL BE STERLING SILVER PIECES BUT THEY COULD BE A PENDANT OR A RING. PLEASE EMAIL FOR ORDERING.
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