Using a Tesla generator and glass to conduct energy, these rings were made three weeks ago. We took Shine's energy along with mine and a Medium named Clarice and made these mini generators. When you wear them, you will have all three energies which are not only powerful, but will stay with you. It will also pick up your own and they will heat up.

These are test products so we have two of them but will do more in a few weeks. How it was done was by touching the Tesla piece with our hands and then having the glass on a metal pole holding it to the other side of the Tesla piece. This fused the energy and power together. Flamie and Victor then tested them in a blind study. We did not tell them what they did. Each reported the same conditions. They all encountered vampire energy minus the darkness, psychic ability and the ability to become a mouthpiece for the dead. These worked great!

We are working on using the same conditions for a few Crowley, Saint Germain, Raviniska and Egyptian magic pieces. We have one done from Raviniska now and it was to go to someone but they decided to keep an item they already had. The one we have done from her now holds the underground Angelic realm from Egypt, this is where God's Angels hid before going into battle with the Nephilim. It's an amazing piece! If interested please let me know as it would be programmed for the person getting that one.

These are a special price on these two, future pieces will be much higher priced. You will get one of the ones you see. One is a size 10 and the other a 9.

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