Chinese Victory Dragon

The following piece comes from our correspondent, Adita. By now you all are familiar with Adita and know that she is our chick based out of Asia, dealing with all things magical on that continent. She recently sent me this piece, saying that she had no need for it, but she had got it from a friend-- a fellow paranormalist. The friend, used to work in a mailroom in Beijing. Since she used this piece, she has climbed the corporate ranks in the last thirteen months. She now sits on the board of trustees for a very prominent business based out of Shanghai. She accredits her success to the piece that you see above.

We have been working with the piece, because, as you know, we don’t make things available unless we know for sure they are going to work. Also, what you get is what you see. What you see is a piece that is holds a dragon of rarest form, from the Yellow Mountains of China. I’m not sure where the piece stems from, but one thing is for sure-- it encompasses the powers of the sacred Chinese victory dragon.

This piece is now available to you from Haunted Curiosities. What you are receiving is your very own victory dragon. You can use it in conjunction with any other form of magic. In fact, it will boost other spells and magic hexes, potions etcetera, by at least 50%. Additionally, you will have tremendous success whatever it is you are mentally focused on. If that is a job or promotion, then you will receive it. If that means that want riches beyond your wildest imagination, you must give it time, but you will receive. This piece elevates your natural physical, mental, and emotional state, giving you a 97% success rate in whatever you do or aspire to do. Basically, I know it’s cliché, but VICTORY IS OURS-- and now it can be yours, available from Haunted Curiosities.

This is a one of a kind piece and old. It is well made of MOP, a real Pearl of power and it looks like black onyx for eyes. This is one stunning and piwerful piece. It is a small belt buckle that you can wear with anything. Pair it with black and your looking hot or just have him in your purse. His American name is Sire Excellance.

This piece is more then worth the money and again one of a kind.
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