5-24-09 This one is called Sleeper cells, and it is very interesting because we have been looking a this one on and off, but  not constantly concentrating on it because we haven't had a lot of time, and we gotten kind of hooked up and bogged down with something else that we have been looking at recently.

Sleeper cells are items are for people that basically  have had an alternative personality which stems from a previous life, a past life, or the life they are in now. What it is, is that any time it is believed that if in a past life the person has come in contact with a spirit, an entity, a type of being, any type of being- whether it's a mystical creature, an alien, or something like that, that in certain celestial sphere these things place.. not exactly sure what to call it, DNA that's not what it is, it something in this system that is little like DNA, which they call sleeper cells.

Now the reason that these were placed into some people, and a lot of people that would have these would be like the indigo children. I forget what else they call them but,  people who are seeking out  the and paranormal, the supernatural because the reason they were seeking they were interested is because it's already kind of built into them. Built into their mind, built into their brain. Some people get lost in the process , they find out on accident that they know when the phone is going to ring, and then they might watch a movie on TV and  say hey maybe I could be a psychic. Or maybe they're into horror movies- they think wow!, this is like really cool!, and somehow on the way they get into the supernatural, but everything is a path, as far as that goes.

Sometimes it's predestined for them to  seek out. These are usually people that have sleeper cells in them. Sleeper cells are used to deactivate any type of ability that they have because  as you transfer in to another life through reincarnation you're supposed to kinda of forget that stuff, and start over, and try to do the things that you screwed up. You try to make them better. The reincarnation is said to be a learning process, except that we don't have to relearn.

The sleeper cell should come out. You should activate that part of you. What it will do is the alternative personality. It's your past life this item  does one past life at a time, pooling from it everything that lay sleeping inside of you- your psychic ability, dreamscapes. Egyptian magic, it'll do anything that you have been to before, and believe me everybody has been somewhere before.
This is really good. It is called sleeper cells but its more like an entire soul awakening. That is just you know your soul has lived.

You know some peoples souls have lived eons, it doesn't mean that they have always been on this earth, it doesn't mean that they have lived multiple lives down here like some people have been told, that they have lived 500 lives. I know, God help us but that actually is not always the case, or very young souls down here- when I say young souls I mean young souls as far as earth goes and I'm not saying they lived on other planets. I'm saying that you may have stayed in a heavenly realm, what is called the celestial sphere.

You may have always been there until this life, or may be you have only live three or four lives, but what ever you're given in the celestial sphere is what has been put to sleep inside of you, to be able to come down on earth and live as a human being in a human body, I guess that's the best way for me to explain it. 

It is an awakening, but when you first come down here you have live as everybody else lives, and do as everybody else does, so your  a big dummy. What the item does  is an awakening, and it takes the soul memory, which is put to sleep, called the sleeper cells. It wakes them up so that everything you had in this celestial sphere is now available to you, and its great. It's a great item.

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