This piece is in all sterling silver with an eye that becomes yours and does all the seeing and traveling you will ever need. This piece if for those that have a problem with Astral travel and for those that don't but just want to move faster and get where they want to go.

This is not just viewing but also living,changing and bring home what you need. I have used this piece to gain access to places I could otherwise not get into. This includes for me the NYC hunt club where human sacrifice is the norm. I have used to go into the depths of the hidden agenda meeting place again in NYC. To get there you go to a secret hotel and take a certain elevator except it's not like they are willingly going to let you go! I have used this to get into a certain warehouse in Texas as well as visit a customer of mine who was being screwed with.

Astral travel is not hard for anyone to do and an item is not needed for it. You all can do this! Some of you have a problem for whatever reason,relaxation is what I think. But even for those that can do it there is a little known secret about some places you may want to visit.

An example of this is the warehouse I went to see. In this place in Texas they know all about Astral travel thanks to the Aliens and the various types of them stored,kept,in slavery there. Because of this many secret and wel guarded places have Astral bodies that are guards and while you can see them,they too can see you and so you gain no access. In using this piece I was able to gain access to many places I couldn't before. You appear as a spirit of a bird,harmless and dumb. In reality you are you,your just in disguise.

If you think that governments are not up to this type of magic/ technology you are dead wrong! They just want you to think it is impossible or doesn't exist. The last place I tested this on was in Russia where they have Alien underground bases. These Aliens hate humans and want nothing to do with them and will kill them if they can. I learned what and why they were here.


You can use this piece for plain astral travel or for peeking into those places you always wish you could go to. Also added to this piece is full battle protection so you don't have to worry about anything.

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