Undines are the sea fairies of ancient Greece, said to appear in the Aegean Sea as seahorses with human faces.

The word 'Undine' means wave. They have the appearance of a beautiful human but they lack souls. In Christian tradition the word 'soul' ties in with salvation and damnation - so lacking a soul means they are outside of human law.

This will be a give and take relationship with her companion. She wants to observe humans and in turn teach her companion how to separate themselves from people and situations that are not healthy.

Utilizing a relationship with an Undine can prosper your ability to be mischievous, yet not actually do anything wrong yourself.

Lacking a soul, there also is no conscious... and with that they will impart and do as you wish without a second thought!

As long as you are not directly trying to harm someone, they will subside and do whatever you want to honor you - as by connecting with the piece you are the new master.

This piece holds Delilah, and her honor will enrich your life, as she will be there to help you achieve, and do, whatever you desire~! From tricking others to believe a lie, to benefiting you with achievements you have not earned, to even full fired revenge! Delilah is ready to utilize the spectrum of her powers to assist her master.... will it be you?

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