This piece is an incredible piece with powers that surpass most of the Sphinx items that we have previously offered. Yes, it was made with Raviniska's white light, as she is from the Sphinx's paw. She was birthed of the Sphinx, the same way other spirits might be birthed of the Tree of Life, or the Pyramids, or Stonehenge. Looking at this item you will notice that the bracelet contains three Sphinx Heads. Each holds a spiritual brain from one of the three major Sphinx's constructed. The first Sphinx is the oldest Sphinx. It's found in the Bucegi mountains and laid the foundation for the powers that would be stored in all future Sphinxes. The second Sphinx is the Sphinx that was constructed by design of the Nephilim in Giza, Egypt. The third SPhinx is the white crystal Sphinx that Deedee encountered during her trip to Heaven. These are representative of the past, present, and future of Sphinx Magic. This piece is a merger of all three Sphinxes into one mega-Sphinx. The power will descend upon you, and you will receive the hidden knowledge of the spiritual brains of all three Sphinxes. This will give you the magic associated with the past, present, and the future of Sphinx, including its spiritual transformation and relocation into the realm of Heaven. This knowledge will essentially put you on the same energy level as Raviniska, which will allow you to exist in both the human realm and the one that she exists on!!
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