Spirit Communication

Take an audio recorder — any recorder, digital, cassette, reel-to-reel, whatever you have — put it on record, and then leave it for a few hours. You need someplace quiet, abandoned, free of background noise and people. For best results, put it in a location with some history: an old saloon, a mausoleum, a hospital, a prison, an old ship. Listen to what you’ve recorded, and chances are that you’ll have picked up some strange noises. That’s easy enough to believe. But when you hear voices saying intelligible things: now you’ve got chills running up your spine~!

This is what researchers call “EVP”, Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

Let us throw a couple of examples at you... during investigations we have recorded EVP voices that seem to be saying, “We keep looking for peace”, “Go to your own place”, "You are not wanted here", "HELP!", etc.

We have had many encounters and I know it’s creepy, but you can imagine some explanations. Let’s get the skeptics stuff out the way immediately.

Skeptics say: It’s just background noise. It’s radio frequency interference. It’s fakery. It’s Rorschach audio (you’re imagining noise is something intelligible the same way your mind makes a picture from an inkblot). It doesn’t prove that the afterlife exists!

We say: Fakery as an explanation — we’re going to throw that out the window right now. We’ve done our own experiments for years, and we’re obviously not going to fake ourselves out. We know the investigations and experiments were successful.

As for the background noise explanation and the RF supposition: these are reasonable claims, except that most background noise and RF interferences don’t last as long as most EVP capturings. Even so, just to rule them out, paranormal researcher Alexander MacRae built a double-blocking experimentation chamber — it’s soundproof, and it’s surrounded by a Faraday cage, which blocks all electro-magnetic signals; no radio can get in. The result of utilizing his piece... more EVP capturings!

We were able to forecast his double-blocking chamber into a pendant that will allow you to block out all distraction noises and be able to hear linear facets of spirits. The interchanging follicles of spirits brings you amazing elements of gaining paranormal knowledge from the spirits and energies that surround you daily!

This can be used to help with investigations you may go on, or you can simply use this to ratify the voices of spirits that linger around you, especially those who have passed on that wish to reach out to you!

This is a phenomenal item ~

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