Invisible Invaders Are you often feeling sick? Are you graugy... light headed, dizzy, just feel blah? Then you most likely have an unwanted spirit within you. If you have been to the doctor and they tell you nothing is wrong, but you know that something is not right -- then you must have picked up an entity that wants to impart itself into your soul. Without knowledge you can pick up energies and spirits when your aura is re-charging itself, this happens naturally once a month. Not all spirits are helpful, as well as most are not bad... but they just want to house themselves within you -- and they can pull fragments of your energy to leave you feeling lifeless. If you have had this feeling for a while and it is not leaving, then I can all but guarantee this is your problem. These invaders are hard to get rid of, you need a pulling piece to embrace the power to rid them from your body! THIS PIECE IS ROSE QUARTZ ON A STERLING SILVER RING. IT IS A VERY GORGEOUS LOOKING RING, AND IT SHOULD BE FOR WHAT IT DOES. IT IS WELL KNOWN THAT ROSE QUARTZ HAS TREMENDOUS METAPHYSICAL AND HEALING PROPERTIES. IN THIS SCENARIO IT HOLDS POWERS THAT MAKE IT A SPIRIT PULLER. IT WILL PULL ANY UNWANTED SPIRITS OUT OF YOUR BODY AND SEND THEM ON THEIR WAY. IT WILL THEM GIVE YOU COMPLETE SPIRITUAL CLEANSING AND RENEWAL OF YOUR AURA. YOU WILL THE BE COMPLETELY SPIRITUALLY HEALED AND ABLE TO MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE!! THE RING IS A SIZE 9, BUT CAN ALSO BE WORK ON A CHAIN AS A PENDANT.
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