We have an incredible pure white light piece of divinity that will assist you in clearing the negative components hindering your life!<br /><br />

Most of us go through a time in life when we feel a major blockage, this feeling is common and comes forth in infants... it is fortified by dark entities trying to reach inside a new body. <br /><br />

The entities wish to live a new life and try to swap souls.... a piece of their struggle remains as a scar in the nose --- this can be deconstructed through divine blessing!<br /><br />

This pendant will bring you complete clearance.<br /><br />

It is a St.Teresa pendant that is infused with complete divinity --- the pendant states 'I will spend my Heaven doing good upon Earth'  --- this will bond with you to enrich your aura  ---once you have a pure aura your soul will interlude with clearance, this will cause the negative implantation in your nose to disappear unlocking the entrance to a new beginning.<br /><br />

This piece is an antique and is very valuable!<br /><br />

We always look for a way to forget bad thigns of the past and get over the hurdles that hold us back --- the energies in this piece will do just that, allow you to start a new with a refreshing, pure clearance that will vanish any and all aspects of negativity that have been placed within your body, even without your knowledge!<br /><br />


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